Board Member

Infrastructure Operations Associate Labs Director, Chief Security Officer, Sandia National Laboratories

As the Infrastructure Operations Associate Labs Director and Chief Security Officer for Sandia National Laboratories, John Clymo provides leadership to effectively and efficiently manage infrastructure operations, including safeguards and security, environmental restoration and waste management, laboratory facilities and construction, and emergency management. Prior to joining Sandia, John spent more than 30 years in facility and infrastructure operations, maintenance, and construction for U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) contractors, university-run laboratories, U.S. Department of Defense military installations, and a college campus. He was the Director of Infrastructure Programs at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, where he led physical assets maintenance and operations activities. John served for two years as Senior Manager of Business & Operations for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and five years as Deputy Manager for Operations at the Nevada National Security Site. While engaged in DOE work, he served eight years in leadership positions with the Energy Facilities Contractor Group facilities subgroup. Prior to his DOE work, John spent 18 years with Johnson Controls/Pan Am World Services as General Manager and in other management roles. He also served on the board of directors for three different international facility management companies operating in the Asia/Pacific region.