Board Member

Senior Nuclear Surety and Certification Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center

Michael has more than 42 years of wide-ranging experience in various positions of leadership and responsibility: from active duty military to civilian contractor. He formerly served as the Quality Control Manager for Alutiiq Pacific LLC, supporting the Albuquerque Complex-Sandia Field Office and the Office of Secure Transportation of the National Nuclear Security Administration on Kirtland Air Force Base. He served for more than nine years as Vice President, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).

Michael is a retired US Air Force Colonel with 26+ years of service. As a B-52 pilot, Michael Chase was selected by the Air Force Chief of Staff to land the first B-52 bomber in the former Soviet Union. Michael Chase is a Distinguished Graduate of the Air Force Academy. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration degree from the University of North Dakota.
Michael Chase is serving in his 12th year as Chairman of the Board, Kirtland Federal Credit Union; Past Chairman of the Kirtland Partnership Committee; Vice President, Home Away from Home; and President, Ocotillo Home Owners Association.