Helping Children of Military Families Receive Quality Education

Education remains a continuing issue. Military families place a high priority on their children receiving a quality education.

In this regard, the Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent regularly consults with the Kirtland Partnership Committee’s Executive Committee and consults regularly with Kirtland AFB officials.

Additionally, Kirtland AFB officials, the Kirtland Partnership Committee and the State of New Mexico Military Base Planning Office were instrumental in obtaining the State of New Mexico Legislature’s approval to join the Interstate Compact, a nationwide effort among participating states, to ease the school transition process for military children.

This cooperative effort addresses most of the significant administrative challenges faced by military families when their children transfer schools, which average six to nine school transfers during a military parent’s career in the Armed Forces.

The easing of red tape for processes such as records transfer, course placement, graduation requirements, extracurricular participation, entrance and exit testing and entrance age requirements greatly enhances a military family’s transfer to a new base and helps in retention efforts.